OutdoorHobbyist aims to provide every hobbyist information, reviews and tips so that they can make better purchasing decisions.

This is your site to turn to when you’re about to buy something for your outdoor hobby. From metal detectors to parachute, we compare the top products to give you the most reliable purchasing advice. It is our goal to make your buying decision smooth and easy with our reviews, tips, how to’s and information.

How do we come up with our reviews?

We spend time, money and efforts to come up with comprehensive and trusted reviews for products that matter to you. We invest our time and resources to make you save yours.

Why did we start OutdoorHobbyist.com?

You have a lot of options for products that you want to purchase. With the hundreds of options available with reviews and pricing that sound equally great.

Choosing the right product to buy might be confusing and time confusing. That’s when we come in.

How we do it?

We spend our time researching and testing the hundreds of options available to short list the best options available. Then we evaluate each and find the best. There may be changes to the list each year as new products get launched.

We also gather insights from those who buy and use the products. Everyday, new reviews are added by real buyers for the product. We keep our eyes on them so that we can make sure that our reviews are up to date.

We get expert advice from power users or experts in the field before we evaluate the products.

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