Best Places to Find Gold with a Metal Detector

Once you have finally made that all-important decision to purchase a metal detector, no doubt you cannot wait to finally get started right away.

You might wonder where to find coins or you may create a list of the best places to find gold with a metal detector.

Yes, right! It’s exciting. But, if it’s your first time then you may need some tips.

Where should I start? You may ask.

Of course, you can practically bring your detector anywhere, especially since the opportunities are only limited to your imagination.

The finds can be anywhere. As a good start, you can look at any detecting magazine, or visit a website and you will discover that there is an abundance of rare finds being made, even by beginners.

All you have to do is do your own research in order to identify the best places to find gold with a metal detector.

Here are some of the popular magazines:

Western & Eastern Treasures

Lost Treasure

American Digger

Treasure Hunting

There are several different types of objects that you may discover using your metal detector, gold included.

At this point, it is very important to understand that there is no single place where you can find all the treasures you would want.

However, with research, you can identify the best places to start your metal detecting experience.

Start with Your Town’s History


If you are genuinely interested in locating for a good hunting ground, research and upfront planning are highly essential. This is often the phase referred to as information digging before the actual digging happens. It is not really difficult to find clues regarding the history and background of your town or city.

While not everybody knows about it, most towns keep historical pieces of information in their local library. This can be considered as fun research. You do not have to write a report afterwards, but it will help you find gold and other treasures in places where they are most likely present. Without advanced information, you may just end up metal detecting aimlessly, wasting your time.

As you visit your local library, go to the section where local history of your town can be found. You may request the assistance of the librarian for this, because some libraries keep these documents in a well-secured place.

You can look for articles and stories about local businesses, celebrations, sporting events, and others. It would also prove to be helpful if you find old maps with homestead markets and crossroads on it.

Some examples of areas that you will find as a potential gold hunting include:

  • Abandoned houses (ancestral houses are the best)
  • Civil War encampments and battlefields
  • Hotels, saloons and boarding houses
  • Places of unsolved robberies and crime stories
  • Points of interest and local landmarks
  • Surveying expeditions
  • Old town dump
  • Church and social events
  • Fire, flood or disaster destroyed buildings

Be Alert – Visit Construction Projects and Other Urban Developments

Any successful metal detecting hobbyist would agree that thinking outside the box is one quality that you need to have if you want to thrive in this hobby.

You can think about events in the past and your local town lore. Perhaps you have heard about a certain farm used to be run by a wealthy family, and is now abandoned. It is often wise to be alert feedback möglichkeiten auf der ohnerezeptfreikauf webseite and opportunistic as a metal detectorist.

Seize whatever useful information you encounter. For instance, it is good for any metal detectorist to know that people in the past usually hid their belongings and savings, not in banks, but in hiding places.

These storage locations may include movable wall bricks, loose floor planks, attics, and other places. If you get into an abandoned location or a homestead, grab the opportunity right away to do some serious metal detecting in the area. Keep in mind, however, that asking permission is very important.

At the same time, it is also important to stay alert for any changes in the local landscape. If your city starts tearing up a sidewalk, or you notice your local utility company installing new pipes, you can also take the opportunity to look for these usually off-limit locations. Successful detectorists say that either before or after digging is the best time to bring your metal detector.

Other Random Locations

Among the best places to find gold with a metal detector are random locations in your community. The beach is a good place to hunt for gold.

Keep in mind that you may not actually expect to see gold bars or troves of treasures in some places, but finding rare chains, rings, pieces of jewelry and other relics are common in these places.

Still, if luck is on your side, you might be blessed with amazing gold finds which will make the entire experience worth celebrating.

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