Best Scuba Diving Gear Packages Review 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best scuba diving gear set

If you are new to scuba diving and you want to buy your first scuba diving gear then it is very much recommended that you go with the whole diving gear set as you can save money with it. Buying each item separately can be a headache and might end you up missing an important […]

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Best Canoes 2017 Review and Buying Guide

best canoe

Finding the best canoe can be a tough job because of the many options available now. That’s why we have created this best canoe buying guide and review so that we can help you come up with an educated buying decision. This review will highlight the best canoes that are available on the market for […]

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Best Kayak 2017 Review and Buying Guide

best kayak review

Kayaking is an activity that is enjoyed by a lot of people these days. No doubt, fanatics to this activity, including those who are still planning to engage in it, would agree that having the best kayak is very important. Saying it is easy, but with the options that are currently available these days, the […]

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Best Snorkel Gear Set 2017 Review and Buying Guide

best snorkeling gear review

I believe that all snorkeling fanatics would agree that finding the best snorkel gear set is of foremost importance before setting out on your snorkeling adventure. The best snorkel set is one that will not just allow you to explore the beauty underwater, but one that will also meet your preferences and needs. Well, it […]

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Best Metal Detector Review 2017 – Ultimate Buyer's Guide

best metal detector review

Finding the best metal detector can be confusing and time consuming because of the number of options available now. Each machine is unique with their own flaws and strengths thus you need buying guide and reviews like this to help you come up with the best buying decision. We have spent our time, effort and […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Metal Detector

used metal detector

If you are a beginner, there is a great chance that you will spend, or have spent, time researching on the different brands of metal detectors on offer. There’s a good chance too that you were wowed by the cool features and the shine that comes with a new device. But what if you didn’t […]

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How to Get Permission to Metal Detect

You don’t want to get in trouble with the authorities for trespassing in a private property. It can get you to jail and your metal detector, your finds or even your vehicle get confiscated and put into the public auction. Fines could run from a few thousands to ten of thousands of dollars. You surely […]

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How to Clean your Metal Detecting Finds

how to clean your metal detecting finds

Before reading even further, it is very important to understand at this point that there is no single and definitive way on how to clean your metal detecting finds. However, there are just some methods that are very effective when it comes to cleaning, and not damaging, your finds. After a day out metal detecting […]

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Best Places to Find Gold with a Metal Detector

Best Places to Find Gold with a Metal Detector

Once you have finally made that all-important decision to purchase a metal detector, no doubt you cannot wait to finally get started right away. You might wonder where to find coins or you may create a list of the best places to find gold with a metal detector. Yes, right! It’s exciting. But, if it’s […]

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